Federated Social Media Is Different

Mastodon is a rich and powerful resource to drive news consumers to your offerings. Real honest engagement from your audience creates a brand trust that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Let us shown you how to be a new age information Sheppard as opposed to an old school  broadcast tyrant. 

Full onboarding

We guide your creative talent on how to establish a presence and gain traction with their audience, while guiding their existing following away from legacy platform’s.

Real verification

No more checkmarks! Our systems provide your audience with guaranteed verification and zero imposters. We manage and guarantee the validity of your teams identity across the fediverse.

Engagement ediquitte

We help your team avoid costly pitfalls that could cost you credibility and long term growth. We help you gain traction with honest engagement. 

full suite hosting

We maintain our own hosting facilities and storage, so you maintain data sovereignty and integrity. Your social media is truly your own. You own the data!

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