It’s about outreach & engagement

The Mastodon Opprotunity

Advertising went obsolete and nobody noticed. The future is two way engagement with the client.  

Mastodon gives you a straigt line to the customer

No more throwing messaging against the wall and hoping something sticks. We can reach your clients in more meaningful ways.

Honest influence

Clients see through modern day pitch men disguised as influencers. We can put together a comprehensive strategy that engages outreach over messaging.

You own the message

Mastodon lets you own the message, instead of being weighed down and restricted by centralized algorithm driven platforms. Our strategic approach gets you places algorithms can’t go.

you own the data

Your social network data is your own. With our full stack management we serve your customers from our facilities and our own hardware. Data sovereignty in the social media age. 

We Match Opportunity To Action 

Mastodon and decentralized social media represent the biggest opportunity of the decade to reach new clients. We provide comprehensive strategies and services that bring you to the table before your competitors do. 

Comprehensive Strategic Planning & Policy Creation

Full Team Onboarding & Training 

Validation And Identity Verification

Full Stack Hosting, Management, and Moderating Services 

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